You wouldn't believe! What can be done with three bearings! Or believe?

  • Ajoutée 25 nov. 2018
  • Russia
    is a project dedicated to various renovation and decoration, the secrets and important nuances in this case. The project also addresses the interesting topic of homemade products that help in everyday life and useful life hacks that will simplify your life. Here you will learn how to make . and will be you! School Repairman - knowledge that will definitely come in handy!
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    Tube Bender at the base of the gripéo.html
    Folding workbenchéo.html
    Miter saw from grinderéo.html
    Corner clampéo.html
    Workbench with drawerséo.html
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    Simple tube Bender can be done on the basis of the vise. The basic mechanism can be easily inserted and removed, not damaging the vices themselves, which can be used for its intended purpose.
    If you have a limited area of the room in which it is difficult to fully turn around, then this idea will be helpful. Saleska from a sheet of MDF, legs made of timber and a few hinges in colpoplasty can turn into a folding workbench. Worked, removed the tool and put the table. This will be especially useful when you need to record material. The less in the way of interference, the better.
    Quite original mitre saw can be done on the basis of the Bulgarians. And even with the transport! It is simple, by the way! And everything else is made of particleboard. And this good from old cases, I think, many, if not at home, on the balcony, in the garage precisely there. Personally, I never throw them out. The old Soviet sheets of particle Board is very dense and durable. They can be a lot of where to use. By the way, if this saw to trim a tree, the grinder is better to use with adjustable speed, because the majority of disks on wood just not designed for large momentum.
    Further for homemade welders. If you need to weld the parts exactly at 90 degrees, this corner clamp will be most welcome. Of course, you can still pinch and otherwise, but still one clamp specifically for this fit will work more convenient. In this case, nothing will definitely not escape and will not lead. However, it can record the details only if they are of the same diameter or thickness. And, of course, can also be improved. More about that in the next video!
    And here's a great table for workshop or garage with drawers, and which will fit a lot of small things. But why only small things?! Some power tools are also easy to fit, not to mention the manual. Represents the table of a frame of stainless steel, with drawers out of plywood which move on the rails full extension, which is very convenient if you need to look inside this box. Top, incidentally, also made of plywood, but here it is possible to beat depending on your needs.

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  • Школа Ремонтника

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  • МастерDIY
    МастерDIY Il y a 3 ans +8

    Трубогиб зачётный, нужно будет сделать )

  • Meticularius
    Meticularius Il y a 3 ans +1

    You Sir are a gift to humanity. Your ideas and skills are truly worldwide and helpful. I am in USA and your designs are better than most I have seen.

  • Evgeniy Budilov
    Evgeniy Budilov Il y a 3 ans +7

    Голосую за трубогиб! Уж больно красиво в видео он полосу загнул) надо себе такой замутить)))

  • Winnie Lessin
    Winnie Lessin Il y a 3 ans +1

    Everything is pretty impressive. I want to make all of these with my Everlast welder right now!

  • Владимир Тяпкин

    Откидной стол понравился... Прост и удобен.))

  • Андрей А.В.
    Андрей А.В. Il y a 3 ans +2

    Мне всё понравилось, меня всё удивило, мне всё нужно. Автору лайк.👍👍👍👍👌

  • Алексей Рубцов

    не плохо. Мужчина должен уметь придуматьь и приложить к делу, хозяйство и частный дом - это то что необходимо каждому, есть обьём и есть фронт работ, всегда.

  • vesnushka
    vesnushka Il y a 3 ans +1

    Лайк, за интересную подборку👍

  • Игорь Овшин
    Игорь Овшин Il y a 3 ans +2

    А что сказать то, все самоделки там классные, особенно С болгаркой там хорошая конструкция. Хотя они все самоделки идеальные и очень красивый стол с ящиками. Общем все вещи мне там понравились, не исключаю не одну. Спасибо!!!

  • Power Wagon
    Power Wagon Il y a 3 ans +1

    That cabinet is awesome!

  • Добрый Мастер
    Добрый Мастер Il y a 3 ans +3

    Последний стол четкий. Нужно сделать подобный под токарный станок!

  • Solimar Garcia
    Solimar Garcia Il y a 3 ans +1

    Muito bom

  • Koshkan Koshkann
    Koshkan Koshkann Il y a 3 ans +1

    всё замечательно, но почему трубогиб, если он гнёт полосу? и трубу на нём согнуть будет проблематично, ибо будет плющить. а верстак да, зачётный, ручки из арматуры - отличная идея, утащу к себе в берлогу.

  • ub railroad al anza - Check me out

    Didn't understand a single word but I got the idea of your project. Great ideas from the USA

  • Домашний мастер

    Стол крутой, если заменить верхний лист на метал по толще, можно как сварочный сделать

  • Аleksey
    Аleksey Il y a 3 ans +1

    Полезное видео!

  • Оборудование для бизнеса СКС Мастер! От 225 т.руб.

    Лайк за верстак, сделаю себе такой, только с металлом верх.

  • tigerseye
    tigerseye Il y a 3 ans +1

    I like! All very good work!

  • TEXaS TV
    TEXaS TV Il y a 3 ans +2

    Последний верстак аж слюни потекли)))👍