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  • Warm floor
    The pros and cons of floor heating
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    First, on a clean subfloor rolling out the reflective substrate. In this case, polyethylene foam with a Mylar coating. This coating reflects heat but does not conduct electricity, in contrast to the substrate covered with foil - it is prohibited to use under floor heating this type.
    Roll out a roll of copper strip down. To cut the shrink wrap only need a special trim line and better on the strip as possible to reduce the number of connection points. The second and subsequent strips are rolled in the same way. And that stripes do not run in hand, you can grab a Scotch.
    The first thing you install on a copper current-carrying strip terminal clamp. While one side of the clip should be inside the fuser, and the second is outside on top of the copper strips. And tightly hold it with the pliers.
    Then connect the wires. Right contact need to connect with the right contact of a neighboring strip, and the left with the left. The red wire is phase, and black is zero. The wires themselves temporarily you can grab the molar tape.
    Then need to be insulated all open contacts of bitumen insulation. For each contact you need to use 2 cut. One is mounted on the inner side, and the other from the outside, thereby securely concealing all the exposed places.
    At the end of each strip of thermal incision copper tires also need to be insulated.
    Next we need a controller which will monitor the temperature and turn on and off the floor when need be, because it can be installed as many as 6 different periods each day.
    This includes self touch controller and a temperature sensor. Install it right under the thermo on the bottom black strip of the heating element.
    On the back there are 6 contacts. 2 first to connect to the network 2 for connecting the fuser and the last 2 for the sensor.
    Plug all the wires in order. Network, Paul and the sensor. Turn the thermostat to add temperature. In manual mode it's simple: top button to add and the bottom to subtract. Take the thermal imager and check how is the thermo.
    When all checked, it is necessary to hide all the wires and the temperature sensor. Here you either need to do the chase in the wall or the floor, or put behind the skirting.
    The second layer is a conventional plastic film. She fit in two cases: first the waterproofing (is, if, for example finish will be laminate and water can easily fall directly on thermoplastic film, that is not acceptable), and the second is the protection of the fuser during installation.
    The third layer can be directly finishing, the same laminate or parquet Board, in General, that just has a hard surface.
    But we consider a different variant associated with a mild finish. This fits fiberboard or plywood from 3 mm to 5 mm.
    Well, it came at last to the finishing layer. I found a small piece of linoleum.
    If anything, this floor is not difficult to install and most importantly - it can be mounted there where there is already a finish floor. The same linoleum can be raised and to do so as I showed. The floor level rises to the minimum level, and this is important, because in residential apartments and houses already installed door, and if the shrink wrap was very thick, then the door panel would have definitely touched the floor after installation.

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